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The Vault

The Vault is a 600 square foot space. It contains various equipment and stations shown in the Equipment Overview section below.

The current Ace of the The Vault is Needed (


You will need to take the Vault quiz to gain general card access. The access hours are M-F 9am-6pm via the west card reader. There are 3 doors located in the Vault area. The door leading to the Machine Shop should only be used during open shop hours and you need to have passed the Machine Shop quiz. Only shop supervisors should be using the Machine Shop door to gain access to the Vault/Tool Room. The door leading into the Prototype Lab from the Vault is only for Prototype Lab supervisors or staff.

Equipment Overview

NameCompanyModelCurrent Ace 
3D ScannersArtecSpider & EvaKlayton Rhoads
High Speed CameraChronosCH14-1.0-32CNeeded
Injection Molding MachinePim-shooter150ASam Manina
Jewelry StationJason's WorksMaster Deluxe KitAiden Teague
Leatherworking StationVariousVariousDane Ziegler
Photo TableOrtery3D PhotoBench 260Kaitlyn Johnson
Vacuum FormerFormech508DTNeeded
Virtual Reality Welding StationMillerAugmented Arc Welding SimulatorWyatt Bertis

Equipment by Icon

Jewelry stationIcon.png

Jewelry Station

High speed cameraIcon.png

High Speed Camera

Photo Booth.png

Photo Table

Vacuum Former.png

Vacuum Former

3D scannersIcon.png

3D Scanners

Welding simulator.png

Virtual Reality Welding Station

Injection Molding Machine (1).png

Injection Molding Machine

Leatherworking Station Icon.png

Leatherworking Station

The Three Commandments

All of the concepts from The Three Commandments described on the Getting Started page apply to the entire Maker Hub. This includes The Vault. Here are some additional safety, resetting, and professional principles that apply specifically to The Vault.

1. Safety First

Safety First is the commandment we hold highest of the three. This principle applies to your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of the equipment/tools.

  •  Safety glasses must be worn when working at the jewelry station, the leatherworking station, or when operating the robot arm. This is especially important when there is hammering, which is common for the jewelry station and the leatherworking station. Exercise situational awareness when hammering, as not everyone in The Vault may be wearing safety glasses.
  •  Similarly, hair that extends below the collar must be tied back when working at the jewelry station, the leatherworking station, the vacuum former, or when operating the robot arm.
  • If you are using the propane torch at the jewelry station, you need to keep it at the station and away from flammable materials. Hold the torch upright and pointed away from you as you use it; there is no need to tilt it completely sideways. Remember to close the valve and lock the trigger when you finish.
  • No open-toed shoes in The Vault.
  • Food or drink is allowed when not operating machinery as long as it is kept a safe distance away from the machines.
  • Do not attempt to operate machinery in The Vault that you have not been certified on.
  • The First Aid kit is located in the machine shop, next to the wood shop doors. There is a second First Aid kit located on the outside wall of the Tool Room near the electronics workstation.
  • Don’t do anything that would require an additional rule to be added to this list.

2. Reset the Space

The Vault has a specific organization to it. Put whatever you use back where it belongs. This rule applies to everything in the space. If you use a tool, put it back. If you use a pen, put it back. Throw away your trash and recycling.

  • The same Reset The Space principles apply. When you finish working, thoroughly clean the area you are working in and make it ready for the next person. Always leave the space better than you found it.
  • If you remove any stock (nuts, bolts, resistors, capacitors, etc.) from the sets of drawers that are up against the Tool Room cage, make sure you document the removal by filling out the inventory removal form. You will find the form hanging on a clipboard located next to the Tool Room door. This helps us keep track of inventory to make sure it's available for you when you need it. If you end up not using all of the stock you took, RESET THE SPACE by returning it to the correct drawer and annotating the difference on the hanging clipboard removal sheet. Also, please notify the Maker Hub staff if we are out of certain inventory items, so we can properly Reset The Space for you.
  • The Vault is more spacious than other facilities in the Maker Hub, but it is not a project storage space.

3. Be Professional

  • It is unprofessional to grab and hoard handfuls of stock from the inventory drawers. Even worse if you don't record the stock you are taking on the removal sheet hanging by the cage door. We simply want there to be enough stock for everyone to enjoy. The Maker Hub gladly provides as many free materials as possible to all of its users, so please don't abuse this privilege. Sure, some projects legitimately need a large quantity of materials. Just ask the Maker Hub staff about it first. Maybe we'll give you the green light; maybe we'll ask you to cover the cost. It all needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis. But also... if your wooden birdhouse needs 100 screws, maybe you should change your design.
  • If the Tool Room door is open, it's not an invitation to waltz in and grab whatever you want. Find the Tool Room attendant or a Maker Hub staff member and let them check out the tools or bring you the supplies you need. If the Tool Room is not open, check the schedule on the Tool Room's wiki page.
  • Do not argue with the Tool Room volunteers or shop staff.
  • Always ask for help if you have a question about the usage of a machine.
  • Speak up if you see inappropriate behavior or a safety violation occurring.

General Vault Knowledge

There is a variety of equipment located in the Vault as well as a good supply of electronic components and hardware for projects.

The Vault partially serves as a material storage area for the Prototype Lab and the Machine Shop. The 3D printing materials and the acrylic located in The Vault should only be removed by Prototype Lab and Machine Shop staff. They are not "free game." There are also items hanging on the cage wall. These items should only be removed when properly checked out.

Canvas Certification

Complete The Vault Certification Quiz Module at the link below to gain access to The Vault. The Maker Hub Canvas course pertains to all facilities and equipment contained in the Maker Hub; simply complete the quizzes for the facilities/equipment you wish to use in the Maker Hub. Please email if you have any questions.

Maker Hub Canvas Course