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The Tool Room

The Tool Room is a sectioned-off part of The Vault that offers various tools and electronic equipment to students/employees for check out similar to a library system. The Tool Room is only open during certain hours, so please view the Schedule below.

The current Ace of the Tool Room is Mary Groom (


View the most up-to-date Tool Room schedule on this Google Sheet.

List of Tools Available

Tool NameImageDescription
A.C. Clampmeter
This instrument can be clamped over a wire to measure the current flowing through it.
Analog Discovery 2
Analog Discovery 2.jpg
A USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds.
BTMN Board
Robin Boards large.jpg
ARM training board used in ENGE320. Coupled with the Arduino Zero. Shield includes an AMOLED display, joystick, DPAD, RGB LED's, accelerometer, SD Card slot, and a piezo buzzer.
Basys 3 FPGA Board
Boards long.jpg
FPGA training board used in ENGE220. Has a bank of switches, buttons, LCD display, 7-Segment display, piezo buzzer, stepper motor driver, and more!
Battery Charger
Battery charger.jpg
This is a battery charger for lead acid batteries.
Battery Terminal Cleaner
Battery Terminal Cleaner.jpg
A wire brush designed to remove corrosion and contaminants from the terminals of a car battery.
Bottle Jack
Bottle jack.jpg
This is a hydraulic jack and can be used for lifting heavy objects. Never put anything under heavy objects that you wouldn't want crushed.
Bubble Level
Bubble levelBubble level2.jpg
A bubble level has many uses including, but not limited to verify plumb and level. Some of the many uses include picture and sign hanging, post installation, machine leveling.
Also known as diagonal cutters.
Cordless 1/2" Impact Driver and sockets
Impact.wrench and sockets.jpg
The impact Driver is specially designed for tightening and loosening various hex-head bolts, nuts, and lag screws. It employs both rotational force (torque) and short-burst concussive blows (impacts) to deliver an unparalleled amount of power.
Cordless Drill
You can use a cordless drill driver to drill or bore holes, drive screws, assemble furniture, and woodworking.
For crimping things.
Digilent Nexys 2
Digilent Nexys 2.jpg
A powerful digital system design platform built around a Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA.
Digital Logic Probes
Digital Logic Probes.jpg
Probes that can be used with...
Digital Tachometer
Digital Tachometer.jpg
This is an instrument that is used to measure revolutions per minute or RPM. This is a non contact device that uses light and a reflector. This device can be used to measure the RPM of a motor shaft.
Hand powered tool with different tips, that is mostly used for craft purposes, such as carving, etching and sanding small items.
Electronic Scale
Device to measure weight or mass.
Eye Loupes
Small magnifying glasses.
Fluke Thermal Imager
A thermal Camera. Very Expensive.
For soldering.
Flux Brush
For soldering.
Flux Pen
For soldering.
Fume Extractor
A device which uses a fan to collect and filter harmful fumes. Always use one of these when soldering for your protection.
GoPro Camera
For Going Pro. Takes Video and Pictures. Can be used with the GoPro Accessories in the GoPro accessory kit.
Handheld Multimeter
Multall of them01.jpg
An instrument for conducting measurements on a circuit. They can measure DC voltage, AC RMS Voltage, current, resistance, and more. Multimeters are essential tools for testing or troubleshooting a circuit.
Heat Gun
Heat gun.jpg
A power tool that emits a stream of hot air, usually at temperatures between 100 °C and 550 °C (200-1000 °F), with some hotter models running around 760 °C (1400 °F), which can be held by hand
Heat Sink Clip
Heat sink clop tool.png
Heat sink clip for soldering.
Helium Balloon Inflator
Ballom inflator.jpg
This is connected to a helium bottle and allows the user to fill a helium balloon.
Helping Hands
Helping hands.jpg
An extra set of hands to hold things while soldering.
Holesaw Kit
Hole saw kit.jpg
A holesaw is used in a drill to cut perfectly round holes in a wide variety of materials
LED Worklight
Led working light.jpg
A really bright light for illuminating an area.
Laser Thermometers
Handheld device that can display temperature readout on it after scanning portions of an object or area with the built-in laser. They tend to be inaccurate when measuring shiny objects, putting some non-reflective tape on the object can help give a better measurement.
Logic Analyzer
Logic Analyzer.jpg
Used to monitor and debug various digital signals and communication busses.
An extendable mirror for viewing hard-to-see places.
Needle Nose Pliers
Skinny pliers.
PCB Tweezers
PCB Tweezers.jpg
Tweezers for PCBs.
Portable Vise
A vice grip for holding things.
Pressure Gauges
Pre gage.jpg
For measuring pressure.
Pressure Regulator
Press Regul.jpg
This is for reducing the air pressure of a compressed air bottle.
Image pending.png
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Rivet Gun
Rivet gun.jpg
A tool for driving rivets.
Robin Boards
Robin Boards.jpg
AVR training board used in ENGE320. Coupled with the Atmel 328P Xplained. Shield includes a 7-Segment display, some buttons, a switch, RGB LED's, and a piezo buzzer.
Solder Station Sponges
For cleaning the soldering iron tip.
Solder Sucker
Sucker .jpg
For sucking solder.
Solder Tips
Replacement tips for soldering irons.
Solder Wicks
For soldering.
Soldering Iron
WELLER soldering iron.png
A hand tool which heats metal solder in order to join two components. Soldering is most commonly used to join electrical components in a circuit. There are two soldering kits for use at the electronics station in the center of the Maker Hub, and there are also several available for checkout in the Tool Room. For your safety, please always place the soldering iron in its holder when not in use. Always use a fume extractor to protect yourself from harmful fumes. Soldering kits also come with a tackle box containing useful tools for soldering, such as wire crimpers. Please make sure all contents of this box are returned when you finish using a soldering kit.
A big, blue, crinkly tarp. Include size...
Tip Tinner
Tip tinner.png
Lead-free tip tinner for soldering.
Generic tweezers.
... further results

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Canvas Certification

The Tool room is normally off limits to students. There is no Canvas certification for the Tool Room.