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Where am I supposed to store projects in the Maker Hub??? You have come to the right place.

General Notes On Project Storage

The Maker Hub's Project Storage policy proceeds from all three of the guiding principles: SAFETY FIRST, RESET THE SPACE, and BE PROFESSIONAL. You might be surprised that every conceivable flat surface in the Maker Hub is NOT a place to store your items. Sarcasm aside, the Maker Hub functions more safely, efficiently, and successfully when projects are stored in the proper locations.

If certain space within the Maker Hub is not listed here on this page, we are not intending that the space be used for project storage. This would include spaces like the Wood Shop, the Machine Shop, and The Vault. These spaces are not set up for project storage. This also includes spaces like the blue rolling carts and workbenches in The Hub as described on the Getting Started page. Of course, we allow for temporary situations like letting a welding project cool on the Welding Shop table, letting the paint dry on a project in the Finishing Room, or allowing glue to set for 24 hours on a project in the Wood Shop. If you have a large or unwieldy project that cannot be easily moved, talk to the Maker Hub staff about storage accommodations. If a project needs to be left out overnight or for some extended period of time, again, talk to the Maker Hub staff and leave a note with your name, the date, and contact info.

Be aware that the Maker Hub undergoes a full RESET THE SPACE in the summer (and often during Christmas break). All project storage areas are cleaned out. Please do not leave projects or half-completed projects around at the end of the semester. They might be thrown away. Talk with the Maker Hub staff if you think you have a really good reason to store projects/materials in the Maker Hub over the summer.

Storage Areas

Senior Design Hallway Project Storage Area -- Please place your projects/materials here neatly and label your items with name, date, and contact info.


Computer Lab Storage Lockers -- There are 72 lockers available. Each one is X deep by Y wide by Z tall. You may provide your own lock if you desire to secure your items. If you leave your locker locked past the end of the spring semester, the Maker Hub staff will break your lock during our summer RESET THE SPACE. Please do not store items on top of the lockers.


The Boneyard -- The boneyard is located in the basement of Klages. It's a good spot for larger projects that won't fit in the senior design hallway project storage area or the computer lab storage lockers. The boneyard is only accessible via key, so talk to the Maker Hub staff if you need to visit the boneyard.


Wood Shop Glue-Up Space -- This is only a temporary storage space intended exclusively for glued/clamped woodworking projects that need to dry for 24 hours. Please do not store anything else here.


Above The Stairs -- You must obtain explicit permission from the Maker Hub staff in order to store projects in this space.


Underneath The Stairs -- You must obtain explicit permission from the Maker Hub staff in order to store projects in this space.