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  [[Is located in facility::Machine Shop]]
  [[Is located in facility::Machine Shop]]
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  |?Has image=image
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  |?Has description=description

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With more than x,000 sq. ft., the machine shop contains a drill press, horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, three bridgeport mills, and two lathes for students to utilize. There is also a CNC milling machine that is not normally available for students to operate. However, parts can be designed for it and submitted for machining. This is a limited and not necessarily time sensitive resource, but, available nonetheless.


Bead Roller210-24m-bead-roller.jpgMittler Brothers210-24MBead Roller
Bending Brake48 Inch Bending Brake.jpgChicago SteelW3148 inch bending brake, 14 gauge
Drill PressDrill press image.jpgClausing20" Variable Speed
Hand BenderHand Bender.jpgDi-AcroModel 2 Bender (02HB)Di-Acro Hand Bender
Horizontal BandsawEllis1600 Horizontal Bandsaw.jpgEllis Mfg. Company Inc.1600Used to cut large stock
Hydraulic PressShop Press.jpgBaileigh30T Air PressBaileigh 30 Ton Hydraulic/Air Press
LatheLathe image.pngMonarch10EEUsed turn, face, or part round stock
Metal Laser CutterFabLight.jpgFabLightTube and Sheet FL4500
Milling MachineMilling machine.jpgHardingeBridgeport
Ring RollerRing Roller.jpgBaileigh IndustrialR-M5Baileigh Ring Roller
Rotary PunchRotary Punch.jpgDi-AcroTurret Punch No. 1248 inch bending brake, 14 gauge
Sheet Metal ShearPexto G-52.JPGPeck, Stow & Wilcox Co.G-52Sheet Metal Shear
Slip RollerSlip Roller.jpgBaileighSR-5016MBaileigh Slip Roller
Vertical BandsawDoall vertical bandsaw image.jpgDoALLMLUsed various pieces in straight, curved, or unusual shapes
Waterjet CutterWaterjet cutter image.jpgOMAXProtoMAXUsed for precision cutting of tough materials.

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