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Used for drilling noncritical holes

Make: Clausing

Model: 20" Variable Speed

Serial Number: 20532906

Ace: Needed (Makerhub@georgefox.edu).

Location: Machine Shop

Safety First

Safety First HD2.png

Here are some safety instructions for the Drill Press. Remember... SAFETY FIRST!!!

  • Wear proper safety equipment like safety glasses and closed toed shoes because hot metal chips can burn.
  • Keep hands clear of rotating chuck/tooling.
  • Make sure the chuck key has been removed from the chuck prior to starting the machine.
  • Make sure material is secure in the vice. If it comes loose the material will become a spinning blade.
  • No hats, jewelry, watches, hair below the shoulders, baggy long sleeves, or gloves while operating the drill press. Loose items can get caught on the chuck or tooling and pull you in.
  • Don't brush away shavings while the machine is running. This is a common temptation but can end in getting caught in the drill bit.


The Clausing Drill Press is a 20” variable speed drill press primarily used for drilling holes when absolute precision is not a requirement. Often this machine is helpful when a noncritical hole is needed on a part because it is possible to drill perpendicular holes in parts somewhat accurately, but not with the precision of a mill.



  • Spindle - The rotating shaft that transfers power the drill bit.
  • Quill - The tube surrounding the spindle which moves up and down when drilling a hole but does not rotate.
  • Chuck - The clamping device that holds the drill bit and is attached to the end of the spindle.
  • Vice - The device that securely holds the work piece.

Drill Press User Manual



Begin by clamping your piece down with the vice. The exact positioning of the piece is not critical because it can be changed later with the x-y adjustments. Do not try to drill without the piece being clamped or it may catch and turn into a spinning blade. It is also possible to twist and raise the work table if needed. Insert the desired drill bit into the chuck and tighten it with the chuck key. Make sure the bit is centered in the chuck and that there is at least a 1/8" gap between the bottom of the chuck and the end of the drill's grooves. Note that you should start the hole with the hole starter tool before using the actual bit. Fine tune the position of the piece using the x-y adjustments and turn on the drill press with the start button. Adjust the speed to match the material you are drilling. You can find the correct speed on the chart above the mills. Also, ONLY adjust the speed while the drill press is ON to prevent damage to the drill press. Now you can drill your hole. For optimal results, lubricate the cutting area with machining oil before drilling a use peck drilling, i.e. drilling down a small amount, lifting out the bit to clear scraps from the hole, and then repeating. Don't forget to reset the space by cleaning up any metal chips and returning any drill bits that were used during the process.


The demonstration for the drill press is simple. All you need to do is perform the correct drilling procedure while drilling a hole in a piece of scrap metal.

General Procedure

This video contains specific information for using the drill press in the Maker Hub as well as a basic overview of what will be expected in your live demonstration.

Reset the Space

Reset The Space HD2.png

Here is how you can reset the space for the Drill Press. Always leave the space better than you found it!!!

  • Turn off the machine.
  • Take out any drill bits from the collet and return them to the tool rack.
  • Sweep and vacuum all the chips from the drill press.
  • Be sure not to leave tools in the workplace and return all unused stock.


Complete the Machine Shop - Drill Press Module at the link below to gain access to the Drill Press. The Maker Hub Canvas course pertains to all facilities and equipment contained in the Maker Hub; simply complete the quizzes for the facilities/equipment you wish to use in the Maker Hub. Please email makerhub@georgefox.edu if you have any questions.

Maker Hub Canvas Course


  • Difficulty Drilling - Add machining oil and replace the bit if it seems dull. Remember to "peck drill" deep holes.


General maintenance

The only things that need to be done to maintain the drill press are general cleaning and periodic lubrication of key joints. For details on the lubrication process see the user manual.

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Procedure Frequency Done By Last Completed
Clean up metal shavings After each use Student N/A
Lubricate key components As needed Ace