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Nova Voyager dvr Drill Press
Wood Drill Press icon

Make: Tekna Tool

Model: Nova Voyager DVR

Serial Number: 301545

Ace: Needed (Makerhub@georgefox.edu).

Location: Wood Shop

Safety First

Safety First HD2.png
  • Make sure you are wearing proper attire. (Safety glasses, short sleeves, closed toed shoes, no jewelry or any loose hanging accessories, and hair that is longer than collar-length must be tied up)  
  • Keep body parts or anything else other than the workpiece out of the path of the drill bit when on.
  • Do not move workpiece while drill bit is inside of workpiece.
  • Make sure the drill bit is secure and fastened into the chuck.
  • Make sure drill is at the appropriate speed.
  • Keep work piece secure so it can't rotate. If the work is long enough it should stick out to the left side of the operator against the vertical column to prevent rotation.


This drill press is set on a fixed stand and is used for drilling holes in wood. It has been programmed with various material and bit profiles to make setting the speed extremely simple. Compatible materials include wood, metal, plastics, and glass.


Workpiece – an object being worked on with a tool or machine.

Drill (verb) - to bore a hole into the workpiece.

Through Hole - a hole that goes completely through the workpiece.

Blind Hole - a hole that goes partially through the workpiece.

Feed Handle - a rotating three-pronged handle used to set the depth of the drill bit.

Wood Drill Press User Manual



The Wood Drill Press is mainly used for drilling holes into wood.


To show a complete knowledge of the Wood Drill Press, students will demonstrate that they can set up everything, and drill a through hole and a blind hole.

General Procedure

  1. Make sure you are wearing proper machine shop attire. (Safety glasses, rolled up or short sleeves, and closed toed shoes.)
  2. Make sure the drill press is turned off whenever you make adjustments to your workpiece.
  3. Mark your workpiece where the hole should be drilled, then use a hole starter to punch a hole for the drill bit if necessary.
  4. Put the appropriate drill bit into the chuck and use the chuck key on the drill press to tighten it. Make sure you tighten all three sides of the chuck. Chuck key on left, Chuck on right.
  5. Adjust the position of the table for your workpiece.
    1. The table height and rotational position can be adjusted using the handle on the column:
      1. Loosen the locking handle on the rear of the table bracket. NOTE: It is important to unlock this handle before adjusting the table.
      2. Rotate the crank handle attached to the rack to raise/lower the table to desired height.
      3. Swing the table around the column to the desired position.
      4. Re-tighten the locking handle, and ensure table is securely locked in place before drilling.
    2. To tilt the table:
      1. Loosen the bolt underneath the table using the 27mm closed end wrench included for this purpose.
      2. Loosen set screw underneath the previous bolt using 5mm Allen key.
      3. Tilt table to desired angle.
      4. Re-tighten bolt and set screw, and ensure table is securely locked in place before drilling.
    3. For blind holes, use the depth stop to stop the drill bit at the desired depth.
      1. Adjust the depth stop by rotating it until it is at the desired height.
        1. For large adjustments, pressing the button on the depth stop enables it to move up and down freely.
      2. The lever to the right of the spindle may be used to lock the drill bit at a desired depth while you adjust the depth stop. (i.e. lock the drill bit at the depth you want, then move the depth stop to the corresponding position.)
        1. Remember to unlock the lever prior to drilling.
  6. Line piece up with drill bit and fasten down onto work table using a clamp or vice. If drilling a through hole, put a piece of FLAT scrap wood under the piece being drilled to avoid a blowout.
  7. Turn power on using switch located on the right side of the machine as shown in the picture below. The yellow tab must be in place for the drill to be powered on.
  8. Now the display screen should be on. Using the buttons, adjust the speed to the correct specifications needed to cut the material using the built-in computer.
    1. To use the speed chart:
      1. Go to the Menu > Speed Chart.
      2. Select the type of drill bit.
      3. Select the drill bit size.
      4. Select the work piece material.
      5. Confirm the new set speed.
      6. The display will return to the default screen with the new speed selected.
  9. After getting everything set up, turn the drill press on. (NEVER put your hand or any other body part in the path of the drill)
  10. Pull the lever to drill hole. (NEVER move workpiece while drilling a hole)
  11. Turn machine off before drilling next hole and when you are done drilling current hole.
  12. When done, remove drill bit. ( When loose, use one hand to unscrew and the other to hold the drill bit, so the drill bit does not fall and get damaged.)
  13. When done, return all borrowed equipment and clean work area.


Complete the Wood Shop - Wood Drill Press Module at the link below to gain access to the Wood Drill Press. The Maker Hub Canvas course pertains to all facilities and equipment contained in the Maker Hub; simply complete the quizzes for the facilities/equipment you wish to use in the Maker Hub. Please email makerhub@georgefox.edu if you have any questions.

Maker Hub Canvas Course


  • It may be helpful to clamp down smaller work pieces to keep them from spinning while drilling a hole.


General maintenance

Maintenance will be done to ensure the quality of the device. Tasks and their corresponding frequencies are listed below.

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Procedure Frequency Done By
Clean area and Drill Press After each use Student
Wax exposed cast iron parts with paste wax Monthhly Ace
Lubricate gear and rack in the table elevation mechanism and the splines (grooves) in the spindle with a #2 tube grease, and lubricate the teeth of the feed shaft assembly and quill shaft with one or two drops of light weight oil. 6 months Ace
Wood Drill Press icon
Nova Voyager dvr Drill Press

This drill press is set on a fixed stand and is used for drilling holes in wood. It has been programmed with various material and bit profiles to make setting the speed extremely simple.

The current Ace of the Wood Drill Press is Needed (Makerhub@georgefox.edu).


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