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Small Dust Collector

Make: Laguna / JET Equipment & Tools

Model: Pflux:3 / DC-1100-A

Serial Number: 172437 / 40512324

Location: Wood Shop


Breathing wood dust is not good for your health. The 1hp dust collector, 3hp dust collector, two overhead air filters, shop vac, and various brooms/dustpans serve to do more than just clean up messes; they keep sawdust out of the air which can cause respiratory issues and other health problems over time. Always connect a dust collector when using equipment in the woodshop. Some of the power tools can be connected to the shop vac. Especially when sanding or using the CNC router, turn on the overhead air filters to catch the really fine dust particles. Notify a shop supervisor if you see that the dust collector has filled up, the overhead air filter indicator dial is in the red, or the shop vac seems full. Both of the dust collectors have sight windows in the collection bags so you know when the bag is getting full. If you notice a collection bag is getting full let the supervisor know. It's important to keep these devices running optimally to maintain good air quality in the shop.

Here is an example of this piece of equipment being used.




To turn on the overhead air filters, point and press "ON" with either of the white remote controls in the image to the right. Use the black remote control to turn on the large Laguna P-Flux dust collector. These remote controls live on the cabinet between the CNC router control station and the wood lathe.

Small Dust Collector User Manual

Big Dust Collector User Manual



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General Procedure

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No real certification for the dust collectors. The necessary information is covered in the top-level Wood Shop Canvas Quiz.



General maintenance

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Specific Maintenance Tasks

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