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Make: Miller

Model: LMSW-52

Serial Number: MJ328801N

Ace: Levi Gibson (

Location: Welding Shop

Safety First

Safety First HD2.png
  • Wear gloves and welding helmet.
  • Don't have bare skin exposed.
  • Don't weld in wet gear or standing water.
  • Welded material will be hot.


Resistance spot welding is a process in which contacting metal surface points are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current. The Miller LMSW-52 Air-Cooled Spot Welder is a lightweight unit that is portable, easy to operate and excellent for welding mild, galvanized or stainless sheet materials.

  • LMSW-52 spot welder manual [1]

Here is an example of spot welding and some good basic information.


Spot Welder User Manual


  • Tongs-



Here are some general setup rules of thumb:

  • The maximum weld capacity is 2 sheets of 16 gauge material.


For the demonstration you will need to perform a spot weld using two pieces of scrap material.

General Procedure

  1. Ensure the material being welded should be clear of any oil or dust
  2. Turn on the spot welder
  3. Place the material being welded between the clamps.
  4. Clamp down on the two pieces of material for approximately 2 seconds. The time required to weld may vary slightly depending on the material and thickness.
  5. Grab workpiece with a set of pliers, and open the clamp.


Complete the Welding Shop - Spot Welder Module at the link below to gain access to the Spot Welder. The Maker Hub Canvas course pertains to all facilities and equipment contained in the Maker Hub; simply complete the quizzes for the facilities/equipment you wish to use in the Maker Hub. Please email if you have any questions.

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General maintenance

The welding tips should be inspected and cleaned as needed.

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Procedure Frequency Done By
xxx xxx Student/Tech
xxxx xxxx Student/Tech
xxxx xxxx Student/Tech