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The Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is available for student use 24/7 unless there is a class/event being held in the space. Nearly all the software available in the Maker Hub is on these computers.

Lockers available for student use


The Computer Lab is open 24/7 during the semester. You will need to take the Maker Hub Intro quiz to gain access.


3 commandments

The computer lab consists of 29 computers (designed as 28 for students and 1 for instructors). Each of these stations consists of the computer, the keyboard, the mouse, and a chair with arms. These are a unit. Which should make it clear that you should never take a keyboard, a mouse, or a chair from this space. There are no chairs with arms in the Maker Hub or meeting rooms. So please, leave them in there. The keyboards and mice are intended for these computers. If you need a keyboard or a mouse for your computer, or if one is broken somewhere, inform the toolroom. If there is a dire situation where you need to make use of one of these systems, as always, RESET THE SPACE. It is not acceptable for your peers to arrive in a class the following morning to find computers that are missing mice or chairs.

There are large whiteboards in the computer lab that are very useful for … er … marking on. And here are some good rules for whiteboards - again - RESET THE SPACE. This means that you don’t take markers or erasers from other whiteboards because the ones at your space are missing or not functional. Go to the toolroom and get new ones. They are freely supplied. If the toolroom is closed, maybe you can use your own markers. Whatever you do, RESET THE SPACE. And when you have finished using a whiteboard .. ERASE IT. This is not only resetting the space, but being a professional. Others will want to use it and you are making them clean up your mess. As a side note, this is a public space. If you want to save your whiteboard writing, take a picture. Writing “Do Not Erase” is not an acceptable action for a whiteboard. You can save it yourself and reproduce it quickly later. Again, BE PROFESSIONAL.

While cleaning up after yourself is a general rule, it is particularly important in the computer lab as folks are very likely to spend a considerable amount of time in there. This means you need to be sure to clean up any papers, food, and drink. If you are in a class or lab and receive a handout, it is your job to study it like your wonderful professor intended. But if you are not going to do that, it is your responsibility to throw it away. Leave the space better than you found it.

There is a set of 72 small lockers in this room. Their main function is to hold materials for classes and labs for students in those classes and labs. If they are not all in use (and they generally aren’t), they can also be used to house small projects. They are not to be used as personal lockers for non Maker Hub related items. Now, clearly, if you are using a locker for Maker Hub reasons, then it is certainly fine to place a textbook or engagement ring in there (preferably in the spring). But don’t secure a locker if you are not actively working on a project or participating in a class or lab. To use the lockers, you will need your own lock. At the end of each semester, the lockers should be cleared out and the locks removed. If there are still locks on them, this will give us a chance to use the bolt cutters and sell the contents on the web. Always a good time. If you need to maintain a locker over the break, you will need to coordinate with the technician. Please do not set things on top of the lockers. These items will be routinely disposed of without warning. Clearly, setting something on top would not be resetting the space, and hopefully you are discovering that this is an important commandment.