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Baileigh Slip Roller

Make: Baileigh

Model: SR-5016M

Ace: Needed (

Location: Machine Shop


A slip roller is a machine used to roll sheet metal with a formed radius. In addition to rolling sheet metal, the roller in the shop includes wire grooves for bending solid rod. The minimum forming diameter of the roller in the shop is 4.5"


Baileigh Slip Roller Manual




The SawStop table saw has a unique safety feature. A spring loaded cartridge is located in the machine. Any conductive material that makes contact with the blade causes the aluminum cartridge block to fire into the blade. The blade then stops spinning


Demonstrate you can safely setup the slip roller and roll a piece of scrap material. If you roll a complete circle be very careful when you disengage the top roll and slip the material off the roller. Never try to force the roller back into position after disengaging it. You have lots of leverage when holding onto the end of the roll and will cause damage by forcing it back into position. If the roller will not easily move back into position have someone gently crank the rotation handle until the roller drops into place.

General Procedure

  1. Adjust the radius by turning the knobs on the back of the machine. This adjusts the distance between the rollers.
  2. Adjust the amount of pinch using the knobs on the front left of the machine for materials of different thickness. If the gap between the rollers is too far apart the material will slip on the rollers.
  3. Begin by pulling the right side of the top roller out of its slot.
  4. Insert your piece that you would like to roll between the rollers.
  5. Re-secure the top roller inside of the slot prior to rolling.
  6. Slowly rotate the handle until you have rolled to the desired radius. If the initial radius is not the desired radius, re-roll at a slightly tighter radius.
  7. Unlock the top roller to slide your rolled metal off the end of roller.


There are several hazards you need to be aware of when using the slip roll.

  • Never put your finger near the rollers as you could crush them.


Foxtale Course


If you experience the material slipping in the roller you may need to apply more tension by adjusting the roller tension knobs.


General maintenance

Keep the slip roller clean and keep the rolls oiled so they don't rust. There are several lubrication points that need to be checked by the tech.

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Procedure Frequency Done By
Lubricate mechanisms Semester Sample
Clean machine interior Monthly Tech
Change the blade As Needed Tech