Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter

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Miller Spectrum® 875 Plasma Cutter with 20 foot XT60 torch has compact size but 60 amps of output power.

It features easy operator controls, for optimum cutting and gouging performance.



  1. Place fume hood over the area you will be welding at
  2. Turn air on
  3. Turn plasma cutter on
  4. Attach ground clamp
  5. Measure thickness of material being cut and refer to chart for current setting on machine
  6. Set the current on the plasma cutter
  7. Place the drag shield on the edge of the base metal, or hold ⅛ inch off the surface. Direct the arc straight down.
  8. Raise the trigger lock and press the trigger, this will engage the pilot arc
  9. Once the cutting starts, begin to slowly move the torch across the metal
  10. Adjust your speed so the sparks go thru the metal and out the bottom of the cut
  11. At the end of the cut, angle the torch slightly towards the final edge or pause briefly before releasing the trigger
  12. Turn off machine
  13. Turn off air
  14. Disconnect ground clamp


  1. Don't cut lead, zinc, copper, cadmium, stainless, or beryllium.
  2. Don't attempt to cut with the oxygen off
  3. Don’t cut with the vent hood off