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This page lists the Maker Hub's upcoming events and describes the process for hosting an event.

Spring 2024 Events

Rings & Roses (February 13th // 3-6pm)

Can I Host an Event in the Maker Hub?

Maybe. The Maker Hub is not a generic event space that can be reserved by anyone. Maker Hub events need to serve the goals and purposes of the Maker Hub and/or the Industrial Enterprise. These goals include (but are not limited to) education, academic support, student/employee engagement, outreach, and marketing. The leader(s) of an event must have a connection to the Maker Hub. For students, this means that the students leading the event must at least be Maker Hub users; however, it is preferred for student leaders to be Maker Hub volunteers/aces/work-study staff. Any events involving equipment usage by untrained individuals MUST be supervised by student volunteers/aces/work-study staff or GFU employees. Any events involving equipment or tool usage must obtain signed Maker Hub waivers from attendees before they participate.

All events that will be held in the Maker Hub need approval from the Maker Hub staff. The Maker Hub staff members reserve the right to decline/terminate any event at their discretion.