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<categorytree mode="all" namespaces="Main" hideroot=on>Facilities</categorytree>
<categorytree mode="all" namespaces="Main" hideroot=on>Facilities</categorytree>
{{#ask: [[Category:Facilities]]
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|? Thing ingredients
{{#ask: [[is type::Facility]]
{{#ask: [[is type::Facility]]

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Maker Hub

Welcome to the George Fox University Maker Hub Wiki!

The Maker Hub is the GFU College of Engineering space for engineering and design. It is located in Klages, and it consists of several design areas including work spaces, meeting rooms, technical shops, and a large, central, toolroom. The space was designed to serve the needs of the engineering program, including senior design, servant engineering, engineering principles, and other engineering courses and projects. The potential exists to service a broader set of projects for other majors at the university.


I am not sure that I Want to use the category tree for these top-level elements. They aren't really that fluid, so there isn't a lot of reason to auto-generate the list here. Might be better formatted cleaner.



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Maybe something about how training works, generally speaking. FoxTale, etc.