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The wood shop is 975 sq. ft. and contains a table saw, radial arm miter saw, planer, jointer, drill press, bandsaw, scroll saw, oscillating spindle sander, combination belt and disc sander, lathe, and other hand tools. It also contains a large CNC router. The shop is also equipped with compressed air quick connections for powered tools and machines.

Safety Rules

All the same safety rules from the machine shop apply:

  •  Safety glasses must be worn when crossing into the shop area marked on the floor.
  • No horseplay in the shop.
  • Don’t do anything distracting to yourself or others while operating machinery.
  • Do not wear any loose clothing, jewelry, or landyards.
  • No hats or open toed shoes.
  • Hair will not extend bellow the collar.
  • Do not wear gloves while operating machinery.
  • Food or drink is allowed when not operating machinery and it is kept a safe distance away from the machines.
  • Do not attempt to operate machinery in the shop that you have not been certified on by GFU engineering personnel.
  • Do not argue with volunteers or shop staff. Contact Justin Johnson if you have issues that need to be resolved.
  • Do not operate machinery without a shop supervisor or trained volunteer in the shop with you. Never operate equipment alone in the shop.
  • Reset the space. Make the area you are working in ready for the next person using the dust broom and vacuum cleaner.
  • The first aid kit is located in the machine shop, next to the wood shop doors.
  • If you see a safety violation inform the person immediately and encourage them to comply with the policies
  • Don’t do anything that would require an additional rule to be added to this list.


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