Vinyl Printer+Cutter

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Vinyl Printer
The Roland BN-20 Vinyl Printer

Vinyl Printing is the process of applying ink to vinyl sheets to produce graphics. The maker hub has a Roland BN-20 printer/cutter. It uses a conventional inkjet printing method with solvent based inks.

The current Ace of the Vinyl Printer+Cutter is Needed (

⚠ WARNING: DO NOT unplug or turn off the printer using the rear cutoff switch for more than a couple hours. This will cause detrimental damage to the print head. However, using the front power button is safe.


The Master Guide covers every basic thing about the BN-20. It has instruction on printing, cutting, maintenance, and calibration. Look over this if you are new to the BN-20.


The following is a description of the steps for printing from the BN-20


The first step is to get your graphics ready for printing. Whether you get your graphics from the internet or deign them in a program similar to Adobe Illustrator, it will need to be imported into Adobe Illustrator for the process described here. These steps could be taken in CorelDRAW as well (refer to Master Guide), but this section does not cover that.s