Vertical Bandsaw

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[[{{#show: Vertical Bandsaw|?Has icon|link=Vertical Bandsaw|100px|left|top|Vertical Bandsaw icon]]

Doall Model ML Vertical Bandsaw

A vertical bandsaw is just like any other type of bandsaw in that it is a power tool used to cut various metal and wood pieces. The saw consists of a solid band of metal with edged teeth on it for ease of cutting. Those looking for uniform cutting results will make use of this type of saw. While their main function is to cut curved or unusual shapes, they can also be used for straight cutting. These types of saws, specifically designed for metal cutting, are available in vertical and horizontal varieties.

The current Ace of the Vertical Bandsaw is Needed (


Roller stand



This video contains specific information for using the Horizontal Bandsaw in the Maker Hub as well as a basic overview of what will be expected in your live demonstration.