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"Versaworks" is not in the list (Altium, Ansys, ArcGIS, Arduino, CutStudio, EES, Inkscape, Logic, MATLAB, MicrochipStudio, ...) of allowed values for the "Uses software" property.

TV Tshirt Icon

In this TV, we will attach a logo on the front and back of a T-Shirt. We will use the Vinyl Cutter for the single color icon of this TV and use this for the front left of the T-shirt. The Maker Hub logo will be printed on the Vinyl Printer+Cutter and attached to the back. The Vinyl will all be affixed using the Heat Press.

Familiarize yourself with Inkscape

Follow the directions given in the Training section on the Inkscape#Training Inkscape page.

You should be able to open Inkscape, pan and zoom, create documents and shapes, move, scale and rotate shapes. You should understand what a Fill and Stroke are and how to add/modify them. You should understand Z-order, and how to

  1. Create the T-shirt TV logo
    1. Download the File:TV Shell.svg TV Shell.svg file
    2. Download the T_Shirt_outline.jpg T-Shirt outline jpeg.
    3. Open up the TV_Shell.svg in Inkscape.
    4. Describe the process of making a vector from the jpeg
  2. Edit the Maker Hub logo - add a white background to it for our dark shirt