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Baileigh Slip Roller

A slip roller is a machine used to roll sheet metal with a formed radius. In addition to rolling sheet metal, the roller in the shop includes wire grooves for bending solid rod.

The current Ace of this machine is Needed (, ?) ().

3 commandments

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Rolling Steps

  1. Adjust the radius by turning the knobs on the front of the machine.
  2. Adjust the tension using the knobs on the back of the machine for materials of different sizes.
  3. Begin by pulling the right side of the top roller out of its slot.
  4. Insert your piece that you would like to roll between the rollers.
  5. Re-secure the top roller inside of the slot prior to rolling.
  6. Crank the crank slowly till you have rolled to the desired radius.


  1. Never put your finger in between the rollers as you could crush them.