Sheet Metal Shear

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Sheet Metal Shear

The shear in the shop is the Pexto G-52 Foot Squaring Shear. Squaring shears, like the one shown to the right, are used to cut sheet metal to a usable size by applying a shearing force with two opposing blades. This shear is foot operated and can cut stock that is a maximum of 52 inches in width and 16-gauge in thickness.

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Shearing Steps

  1. Make sure the table and floor are clear prior to shearing.
  2. Mark your piece, place it on the right side of the table, and slide your piece in till your cut line is directly under the blade and against the side guard. Make sure your fingers stay out of the clampdown or you can accidentally crush your fingers if not careful.
  3. With your fingers holding the piece, use the yellow handle to clamp down on your piece. If the piece is extremely long, ask for assistance.
  4. Press down on the pedal with your foot until the shear completely cuts your piece. (You may need to use a lot of force) Before the blade engages the piece, make sure that your piece if held securely by the clampdown.
  5. Collect all of your pieces and deburr.

3 commandments

Stuff about the 3 commandments.

Safety First

  1. Never ever put your fingers in the path of the blade or under the clampdown unless you want your fingers cut off!!
  2. Don't put your second foot under the pedal as you could smash your toes.
  3. Never leave anything on the table of the shear.
  4. After shearing, use caution in handling your pieces as they are most likely sharp. Make sure you deburr.