Sewing Machine

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Sewing Machine
Janome 3160 QDC

There are currently four Janome 3160 QDC sewing machines available for use in the Maker Hub. These machines feature 60 different stitch patterns. It has automatic fabric feeding, one hand needle threader and easy to follow instructions, making it an ideal machine for first time sewers. Some of its more advanced features include buttons for lock stitch, needle up or down and automatic thread cutting. It has a add on platform that can be attached to make sewing larger materials a breeze.

The current Ace of the Sewing Machine is Mary Groom (



All information on these specific machines can be found in the User Manual and on the Product Home Page

How to set up the machine. This video shows a similar set up process to our machines, but be sure to compare to the manual.

A quick video on basic stitching techniques:

YouTube is a great resource for learning new things. If you are new to sewing, try watching a few videos to get a general understanding before jumping into sewing.