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  |Has model=MyLock 634D
  |Has model=MyLock 634D
  |Has serial number=6E1013527
  |Has serial number=6E1013527
  |Has ace=Needed;Needed
  |Has ace=Gail Dowler;gdowler@georgefox.edu
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Serger icon.png
Janome Mylock 634D

Make: Janome

Model: MyLock 634D

Serial Number: 6E1013527

Ace: Gail Dowler (gdowler@georgefox.edu).

Location: The Hub


Sergers preform a type of stitch known as overlock stitching. An overlock stitch is a type of stitching that sews over the edge of one or more pieces of fabric. Sergers also have the ability to cut off the excess edge as it is fed through the machine. This type of stitching is useful for edging, hemming, and seaming. This process will create a clean edge of your fabric that will not fray.

The Janome MyLock 634D features 2 needles and a choice of 2,3, or 4 thread overlocking stitching. The color-coded thread guiding makes threading simple and easy to follow. The MyLock 634D allows the user to easily switch from overlock stitching to rolled hemming without needing to change to needle plate. Some of the key features of the MyLock 634D are a tension release device, easily accessible lower looper guides, changeable thread guide, easily retractable upper knife, adjustable foot pressure, and more.


Serger User Manual


  • Needle -
  • Spool -



All information on this specific machine can be found in the User Manual

A simple intro to serging:

Sergers are great for adding zippers into your project. Here is a helpful video to lead you through the process.


Demonstrate you can safely setup the serger. You will then proceed to edge a piece of scrap material.

General Procedure


There are several hazards you need to be aware of when using a Serger.

  • Never use a bent needle.
  • Keep fingers away from the needle and moving parts.


Canvas Quiz


If are having issues ask the supervisor.


General maintenance

Keep the saw clean and use the dust collector. There are several lubrication points on the saw that need to be checked by the tech.

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Procedure Frequency Done By
Lubricate mechanisms As Needed Technician
Clean machine when Done User
Change the needle As Needed User