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  |Has make=Excalibur
  |Has make=Excalibur
  |Has model=EX-21
  |Has model=EX-21
  |Has ace=Caleb Rhodes;crhodes15@georgefox.edu
  |Has ace=
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Scroll Saw.png
Excalibur EX-21 Scroll Saw

The Excalibur EX-21 Scroll Saw is a small variable speed electric saw. It operates similarly to a band saw, but uses a reciprocating blade instead of a loop. This reciprocation means the blade does not cut continuously and only on the down stroke. The thinness of the blade allows it to be turned in the work piece at an almost 90 degree angle, which allows the blade to track along fine detail and sharp lines. The blade can also be removed on either the top or bottom of the reciprocating arm which allows the blade to be inserted inside of a work piece without needing an entry cut, the only thing necessary is a small hole drilled through the material. There is a blade guard and a dust blower nozzle that both need to be adjust before a piece can be cut into the material.

The current Ace of the Scroll Saw is Needed ().




When cutting a pattern, overlay the pattern on the workpiece, then work the piece smoothly through the blade path. By maintaining a constant forward movement and turning the piece as to keep the pattern line directly in front of the blade teeth, a smooth and accurate pattern can be cut. If the workpiece ever stops moving forward through the blade, the cut pattern will not be perfectly smooth.

The scroll saw can cut extremely tight curves, by backing up the blade a hair the scroll saw can even cut what is almost a re-entrant corner. This is only advisable in soft woods, and can leave burn marks on the wood.

Make: Excalibur

Model: EX-21

Ace: Needed ().

Location: Wood Shop


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