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Quena2 20.png
quena Icon

In this TV, we will be creating a quena.



Step 1: Open SolidWorks 2020, and select a new part. Don't forget to save your file frequently as you go. In the bottom-right corner of your Solidworks window, change the units from IPS to MMGS (milimeter, gram, second)

Step 2: Select the Right Plane in the design tree (the left column on your screen) to begin your sketch. Click on the Sketch tab above and click Sketch.

Quena 1.png

Step 3: Make a horizontal centerline using the ‘centerline’ option. This can be found by clicking on the arrow next to the line icon. Then use the ‘line’ option to draw the same lines as the screenshot. Using the ‘smart dimension’ tool make the lengths of the lines the same as the screenshot below.

Step 3: Draw out the shape below. Start the lower left corner on the origin (the red arrows), and make sure the lines snap to horizontal and vertical. Using the smart dimension tool, which you can get either on the menu at top, or by holding your right mouse button and dragging up. If done correctly, the entire sketch should be black, indicating that it is fully defined.