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[[File:Bread Board.jpg|thumb|Bread Board]]
[[File:Fearless Leader.jpg|thumb]]
[[File:Electric Car.jpg|thumb]]
[[File:Air Engine.jpg|thumb]]

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Hub Wide Shot

Welcome to the George Fox University Maker Hub Wiki!

The Maker Hub is a makerspace open to all George Fox University students for innovating, designing, and creating. It is a 16,000 square foot space located in the Klages Center that comprises several design areas including technical shops, a central tool room, a computer lab, meeting rooms, and general work spaces. The Maker Hub was designed as a creative space to facilitate learning, encourage entrepreneurship, and add value to the GFU student's educational experience. It's a collaborative community that is home to senior design and servant engineering teams, guest lectures and community events, design competitions, project exhibitions, and training classes. We also have fun on occasion.

Take a look at our list of facilities below to get an idea of what capabilities the Maker Hub offers.

Our Getting Started page will walk you through the steps necessary to get connected and use the equipment available in the Maker Hub.


Fearless Leader.jpg
Electric Car.jpg
Air Engine.jpg