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[https://foxtale.georgefox.edu/moodle/course/view.php?id=26852 Maker Hub Introduction Foxtale Quiz]
[https://foxtale.georgefox.edu/moodle/course/view.php?id=26852 Maker Hub Introduction FoxTALE Quiz]

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Maker Hub

Welcome to the George Fox University Maker Hub Wiki!

The Maker Hub is a makerspace open to all George Fox University students for innovating, designing, and creating. It is a 16,000 square foot space located in the Klages Center that comprises several design areas including technical shops, a central tool room, a computer lab, meeting rooms, and general work spaces. The Maker Hub was designed to facilitate learning, encourage entrepreneurship, and add value to the GFU student's educational experience. It's a collaborative environment that is home to senior design and servant engineering teams, guest lectures and community events, design competitions, project exhibitions, and training classes.

The Maker Hub has a limited number of staff and student employees. It is largely run by student volunteers who help with training and overseeing various technical shops. Our students are encouraged to "own" the space. In any public space, there has to be some set of rules that govern the activity in the space. Ideally, we would just use the clever “Rule 0: Don’t make me make a rule.” But, we felt it was better to come up with some overall guiding principles rather than a list of rules. Clearly, there are some obvious “rules” that get implied from these principles, but, we believe that if you embrace the principles, the rules will take care of themselves. These principles we like to call, the 3 commandments: Safety First, Reset the Space, Be Professional. Please explore the 3 commandments page for a deeper explanation. Many of these Wiki pages will have their own "3 commandments" section to cover unique details for equipment and tools.

There is a 6,000 square foot central room known simply as "The Hub" which provides a large work area with benches and tools for general making activities.

To successfully complete the Maker Hub Introduction Foxtale quiz, you will need information from this page, The Hub, and 3 commandments. Scroll down to find the link to the quiz under the "Certification" header.


The Maker Hub is comprised of the following facilities. These links describe each area and the resources within those areas.


In general, equipment refers to larger machines than those things one might refer to as a "tool." However, in the Maker Hub, equipment is a special category of machines because, by definitions, every piece of equipment requires certified training before an individual is allowed to use it. Information on how to achieve this training is provided on the Wiki page for each piece of equipment. Equipment is marked in the Maker Hub by the use of special icons that are displayed either on, around, or above the equipment. An example icon is this one used for the Horizontal Bandsaw.

Horizontal bandsaw icon.png

The Maker Hub equipment is located in the various facilities and covers various "domains" of activity, from wood, metal, and plastic to electronics, cloths, and crafts. Use the links below to find equipment for each domain.


Maker Hub Introduction FoxTALE Quiz


Equipment that has an active FoxTALE training link will appear here.

 FoxTALE Link
3D Scanners
Bead Roller
Belt Sander
Belt/Disc Sander
Bending Brake
Blast Cabinet
CNC Router
Compound Miter Saw
Drill Press
Electronics Workstation
F370 3D Printer
Foam Cutter
Formlabs 3D Printer
Hand Bender
Hand Router
Handheld CNC Router
Heat Press
High Speed Camera
Horizontal Bandsaw
Hydraulic Press
Injection Molding Machine
Jewelry Station
Leatherworking Station
MIG Welder
Markforged 3D Printer
Metal Laser Cutter
Milling Machine
Mug Press
Oscillating Spindle Sander
PCB Printer
Pedestal Grinder
Photo Table
Pick and Place
Plasma Cutter
Power Carver
Prusa 3D Printer
Reflow Oven
Rework Station
Ring Roller
Rotary Punch
Router Table
Scroll Saw
Sewing Machine
Sheet Metal Shear
Slip Roller
... further results

TVs (Training Ventures)

Egg Shaker, Electronic keyboard, Mood Lamp, Quena, Slide Whistle, T-Shirt, Triangle, Windchimes, Wooden Train Whistle


Curious to know who is in charge of what machine? Check out the list of Aces.


Tools (both hand tools and power tools) are stored at various locations in the Maker Hub. Tools do not require certified training before use, but users are expected to familiarize themselves with tool operation by viewing the appropriate Wiki page. Furthermore, as part of the 'Safety First commandment, users are encouraged to seek help and instruction for any tool that they feel uncomfortable using. Volunteers will be available to serve these needs.


A variety of engineering software is available. The use of some software may require the FortiClient VPN when not on George Fox wifi.

Maker Hub Wiki

Go to the Maker Hub Wiki page for information on the structure of this Wiki and how to appropriately edit this Wiki. Also, try out the Sandbox for editing practice. There is also a special google drive for Maker Hub Crew.