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With more than x,000 sq. ft., the machine shop contains a drill press, horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, three bridgeport mills, and two lathes for students to utilize. There is also a CNC milling machine that is not normally available for students to operate. However, parts can be designed for it and submitted for machining. This is a limited and not necessarily time sensitive resource, but, available nonetheless.


Bead RollerBead rollerIcon.png210-24m-bead-roller.jpg
Bending BrakeBending brakeIcon.png48 Inch Bending Brake.jpg
Drill PressDrill press icon.pngDrill press image.jpg
Hand BenderHand benderIcon.pngHand Bender.jpg
Horizontal BandsawHorizontal bandsaw icon.pngEllis1600 Horizontal Bandsaw.jpg
Hydraulic PressHydraulic pressIcon.pngShop Press.jpg
LatheLathe icon.pngLathe image.png
Metal Laser CutterMetal laser cutterIcon.pngFabLight.jpg
Milling MachineMilling machine icon.pngMilling machine.jpg
Ring RollerRing rollerIcon.pngRing Roller.jpg
Rotary PunchRotary punchIcon.pngRotary Punch.jpg
Sheet Metal ShearSheet metal shearIcon.pngPexto G-52.JPG
Slip RollerSlip rollerIcon.pngSlip Roller.jpg
Vertical BandsawVertical bandsaw icon.pngDoall vertical bandsaw image.jpg
Waterjet CutterWaterjet cutter icon.pngWaterjet cutter image.jpg

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