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  [[Is equipment::True]]
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  [[Is located in facility::Machine Shop]]
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With more than x,000 sq. ft., the machine shop contains a drill press, horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, three bridgeport mills, and two lathes for students to utilize. There is also a CNC milling machine that is not normally available for students to operate. However, parts can be designed for it and submitted for machining. This is a limited and not necessarily time sensitive resource, but, available nonetheless.


Bead Roller210-24m-bead-roller.jpgBead Roller
Bending Brake48 Inch Bending Brake.jpg48 inch bending brake, 14 gauge
Drill PressDrill press image.jpg
Hand BenderHand Bender.jpgDi-Acro Hand Bender
Horizontal BandsawEllis1600 Horizontal Bandsaw.jpgUsed to cut large stock
Hydraulic PressShop Press.jpgBaileigh 30 Ton Hydraulic/Air Press
LatheLathe image.pngUsed turn, face, or part round stock
Metal Laser CutterFabLight.jpg
Milling MachineMilling machine.jpg
Ring RollerRing Roller.jpgBaileigh Ring Roller
Rotary PunchRotary Punch.jpg48 inch bending brake, 14 gauge
Sheet Metal ShearPexto G-52.JPGSheet Metal Shear
Slip RollerSlip Roller.jpgBaileigh Slip Roller
Vertical BandsawDoall vertical bandsaw image.jpgUsed various pieces in straight, curved, or unusual shapes
Waterjet CutterWaterjet cutter image.jpgUsed for precision cutting of tough materials.

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