Horizontal Bandsaw

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Horizontal Bandsaw
Ellis Model 1600 Horizontal Bandsaw

A horizontal band saw is a type of band saw where the piece stays stationary and the cutting head is a band saw arranged horizontally that cuts into the part by gravity assist. Our horizontal bandsaw in the shop is the Ellis Model 1600. It can be used to rough cut metal or plastic (NO WOOD) stock to length. It has a cutting capacity of 9" Round and 9" by 13.5" rectangle at 90 degrees or 8" round and 8" by 8" rectangle when rotated to 45 degrees. The jaws jaws can open to 16" and it has a infinitely adjustable cutting speed between 62 and 390 FPM (REMINDER: only adjust when running) via a belt system. Somebody check this and make sure it makes sense for us - I just copied it from somewhere.

3 commandments

Stuff about the 3 commandments.


Are there any? I suppose we should document the roller stand as part of this.



Something in here about the FoxTale course that doesn't exist yet. This video contains specific information for using the Horizontal Bandsaw in the Maker Hub as well as a basic overview of what will be expected in your live demonstration.