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  |Has imagedesc=Di-Acro Hand Bender
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  |Has description=Di-Acro Hand Bender
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Hand Bender icon
Di-Acro Hand Bender

Make: Di-Acro

Model: Model 2 Bender (02HB)

Ace: Needed ().

Location: Machine Shop


A hand bender is a machine used to bend wire, solid stock, and tubing. The bender comes with multiple dyes for different types of bends.
*Currently the bender stand is not bolted to the floor, so you can really only bend light materials like 1/8" thick aluminum. If you want to bend thicker material, you will need help from someone to hold the table. In the future we will be bolting the bender to a sturdier spot.

Here is an example of this piece of equipment being used.

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User Manual

Art of Bending

Simple Bend

Flat Bend



Look at "Art of Bending" document to find out how to set up the equipment. Then Watch the "Simple Bend" video to see how the equipment functions.


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General Procedure

1) Cut a piece of .5"x.125" aluminum to a length of 6".

2) Set the bender to make a 90o bend at 0.5" from the end of material;proceed to bend.

3) Make another 90o bend at 1.5" from previous bend. Make bend in the same direction.

4) Set the bender to make a circular bend, of any size, 1.5" from previous bend. Bend in opposite direction as last bend.


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Foxtale Quiz



General maintenance

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Specific Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Procedure Frequency Done By
Sample Sample Sample