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This is a place where we can talk about equipment. But what really is equipment? Would you consider it something to equip? Or maybe something to be ment? I am not really sure. The main reason I wanted it to write this was so that it would shift the page downwards a bit so that the table doesnt run into the picture to the right. I am going to save this page now. I hope it works.

The Maker Hub equipment is located in the various facilities and covers various "domains" of activity, from wood, metal, and plastic to electronics, cloths, and crafts. Use the links below to find equipment for each domain.

Equipment Overview

NameCompanyModelFacilityCurrent Ace Contact 
3D ScannersArtecSpider & EvaThe VaultKlayton
Bead RollerMittler Brothers210-24MMachine ShopNeeded
Belt SanderRigidR2740Wood ShopNeeded
Belt/Disc SanderPowerMaticBD31AWood ShopNeeded
Bending BrakeChicago SteelW31Machine ShopNathan
Blast CabinetSkat BlastSC-40Welding ShopLevi
BuffersBaldor332BMachine ShopNeeded
CNC RouterLagunaSmartShop IIWood ShopLuke
Compound Miter SawDewaltDWS780Wood ShopNeeded
Dissolvable Support BathSupport Cleaning Apparatus1200HTPrototype LabKyler
Drill PressClausing20" Variable SpeedMachine ShopNeeded
Electronics WorkstationBK Precision
1651A DC Power Supply
2831 4 1/2 Digital Multimeter
4017A Function Generator
TDS 2024 Oscilloscope
Tool Room
The Hub
F370 3D PrinterStratasysF370Prototype LabKyler
Foam CutterProxxonThermocut 12E & 115EThe HubNeeded
Formlabs 3D PrinterFormlabsForm 2Prototype
Hand BenderDi-AcroModel 2 Bender (02HB)Machine ShopNeeded
Hand RouterPorter Cable8902Wood ShopNeeded
Handheld CNC RouterShaperS01-NN OriginWood ShopNeeded
Heat PressStahls' HotronixMaxx20The HubDaniel
Heavy Duty Sewing MachineNot purchased yetNoneThe HubNeeded
High Speed CameraChronosCH14-1.0-32CThe VaultMatthew
Horizontal BandsawEllis Mfg. Company Inc.1600Machine
Hydraulic PressBaileigh30T Air PressMachine ShopNathan
Injection Molding MachinePim-shooter150AThe VaultSamuel
Jewelry StationJason's WorksMaster Deluxe KitThe VaultWhitney
JointerPowermatic54HHWood ShopNeeded
Laser CuttersTrotecPrototype LabZack
Leatherworking StationVariousVariousThe VaultKyler
MIG WelderMiller ElectricMillermatic 210Welding ShopLevi
Markforged 3D PrinterMarkforgedMark IIPrototype LabNathan
Metal Laser CutterFabLightTube and Sheet FL4500Machine ShopNathan
Milling MachineHardingeBridgeportMachine ShopScott
Mug PressHeat Press NationHPN-SIG-MUGThe HubDaniel
Oscillating Spindle SanderGrizzly IndustrialG1071Wood ShopNeeded
PCB PrinterVolteraV-OnePCB LabNeeded
Pedestal GrinderBaldor332BWelding ShopLevi
Photo TableOrtery3D PhotoBench 260The VaultKaitlyn
Pick and PlaceLPKFProtoplace SPCB LabNeeded
Plasma CutterMillerSpectrum 875Welding ShopLevi
Power CarverForedomSR - K5200 DeluxeWood
Prusa 3D PrinterPrusai3 MK3 / i3 MK3SPrototype LabZack
Reflow OvenLPKFProtoFlow S N2PCB
Rework StationZephyrtronicsZT-2, ZT-3, ZT-1-CLS-DPU, Hakko FR-301, Quick861DWPCB LabNeeded
Ring RollerBaileigh IndustrialR-M5Machine
Rotary PunchDi-AcroTurret Punch No. 12Machine ShopNeeded
Router TableBora PortamatePM-P254Wood ShopNeeded
Scroll SawExcaliburEX-21Wood ShopNeeded
SergerJanomeMyLock 634DThe HubNeeded
Sewing MachineJanome3160QDCThe HubMary
Sheet Metal ShearPeck, Stow & Wilcox Co.G-52Machine
Slip RollerBaileighSR-5016MMachine
Soldering IronsWellerWES51PCB Lab
The Hub
Speedy 300Trotec156FPrototype LabZach
Speedy 400TrotecSpeedy 400Prototype LabZach
Spot WelderMillerLMSW-52Welding ShopLevi
Sublimation PrinterSawgrassSG400NAThe HubNoah
TIG WelderMillerSyncrowave 250DXWelding ShopLevi
Table SawSawStopPCS31230Wood
Through Hole PressBungardPL-FAVORITPCB LabNeeded
Vacuum FormerFormech508DTThe VaultNathan
Vertical BandsawDoALLMLMachine ShopNeeded
Vertical Wood BandsawLagunamband 14BX220-250Wood ShopNeeded
Vinyl CutterRolandGR-640The HubDaniel
Vinyl Printer+CutterRolandBN-20The HubDaniel
Virtual Reality Welding StationMillerAugmented Arc Welding SimulatorThe VaultLevi
Waterjet CutterOMAXProtoMAXMachine ShopNeeded
Wood Drill PressTenka ToolNova Voyager DVRWood ShopNeeded
Wood LatheTeknaToolNova Galaxi DVRWood

Equipment by Icon

Equipment by Photo

Equipment by Material

Equipment by Category

Equipment, Alphabetical

Equipment by Table

Equipment Icon Image
Ring Roller
Drill Press
Sheet Metal Shear
Slip Roller
Rotary Punch
Milling Machine
Hydraulic Press
Hand Bender
Vertical Bandsaw
Bead Roller
Bending Brake
Metal Laser Cutter
Horizontal Bandsaw
Waterjet Cutter
Pick and Place
Through Hole Press
PCB Printer
Reflow Oven
Soldering Irons
Rework Station
Markforged 3D Printer
Speedy 300
Formlabs 3D Printer
Speedy 400
Prusa 3D Printer
Laser Cutters
Dissolvable Support Bath
Sublimation Printer
Sewing Machine
Mug Press
Vinyl Printer+Cutter
Foam Cutter
Electronics Workstation
Vinyl Cutter
Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Heat Press
3D Scanners
Virtual Reality Welding Station
Jewelry Station
Injection Molding Machine
High Speed Camera
Photo Table
Leatherworking Station
Vacuum Former
Plasma Cutter
Blast Cabinet
Spot Welder
MIG Welder
Pedestal Grinder
TIG Welder
Hand Router
Vertical Wood Bandsaw
Belt Sander
Belt/Disc Sander
Router Table
Handheld CNC Router
Oscillating Spindle Sander
Table Saw
Compound Miter Saw
Wood Lathe
CNC Router
Power Carver
Scroll Saw [[|center|x125px|link=Scroll Saw]]
Wood Drill Press