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The Dimension 1200 SST Printer

Dimension is designed with ultimate simplicity in mind. The system enables you to build parts quickly, even if you’ve never used a 3D printer before. Its display panel prompts you to press a few keys to get you modeling quickly. The system models with ABS plastic, so modeled parts are strong and durable. ABS also ensures you’ll be able to drill, tap, sand, and paint your creations. With the speed and convenience of Breakaway Support Technology (BST) or Soluble Support Technology (SST), your completed parts are quickly available for review and test. [1].




CatalystEX is the

Acid Bath

The Acid Bath is a heated tank of a Sodium Hydroxide and Water mixture, used to remove support material from parts printed on the Dimension and F370 Printers. The Acid Bath is to only be used by those trained in the Prototype Lab.

Procedure for Use

To use the Acid Bath, begin by grabbing a white mesh bag from the small drawer located directly under the Acid Bath. Place your part into the bag, and tighten the string on the top. At this point, you should now put on the goggles, located to the left of the bath, and the large rubber gloves, located to the right of the bath. Open the lid of the bath, and place the bag, with the part you want to dissolve inside of the bag, into the acid bath. Tie the excess string to one of the handles on the top of the bath, and close the lid. Rinse the gloves in the sink, and remove them once they are clean. Press the white button indicated on the image to begin the dissolving process. First, the Bath will heat the Sodium Hydroxide to 70 degrees Celsius, and then the dissolving process will fully begin. Depending on the size of the part, the bath could take several hours to dissolve the support material.


Very little maintenance is needed for the Acid Bath, which comes in the form of replacing the Sodium Hydroxide and water mixture. In the event that the mixture is murky and not dissolving the part well, the Acid Bath will need to be emptied, cleaned, and refilled. Only those trained in this process will be allowed to do so, and If you notice that the Sodium Hydroxide needs to be replaced. bring it to the attention of either Justin, Ben, or Gabi.

Emptying the Bath

Full instructions to come at a later date

Cleaning the Bath

Full instructions to come at a later date

Refilling the Bath

Full instructions to come at a later date

Each bottle of sodium hydroxide should contain approximately 250 g. After the tank is cleaned, add water FIRST to the tank and then pour the sodium hydroxide ON TOP of the water. DANGER: Reversing this process causes a DANGEROUS chemical reaction.

Mentors Only

This section will be for information that pertains only to Aces and Mentors.

  1. Description taken from Stratasys