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3D ScannersSpider & EvaThe Vault
Bead Roller210-24MMachine Shop
Belt SanderR2740Wood Shop
Belt/Disc SanderBD31AWood Shop
Bending BrakeW31Machine Shop
Blast CabinetSC-40Welding Shop
Buffers332BWelding Shop
CNC RouterSmartShop IIWood Shop
Compound Miter SawDWS780Wood Shop
Dissolvable Support Bath1200HTPrototype Lab
Drill Press20" Variable SpeedMachine Shop
Electronics Workstation1651A DC Power Supply
2831 4 1/2 Digital Multimeter
4017A Function Generator
TDS 2024 Oscilloscope
Tool Room
The Hub
F370 3D PrinterF370Prototype Lab
Foam CutterThermocut 12E & 115EThe Hub
Formlabs 3D PrinterForm 3Prototype Lab
Hand BenderModel 2 Bender (02HB)Machine Shop
Hand Router8902Wood Shop
Handheld CNC RouterS01-NN OriginWood Shop
Heat PressMaxx20The Hub
Heavy Duty Sewing Machine206RBThe Hub
High Speed CameraCH14-1.0-32CThe Vault
Horizontal Bandsaw1600Machine Shop
Hydraulic Press30T Air PressMachine Shop
Injection Molding Machine150AThe Vault
Jewelry StationMaster Deluxe KitThe Vault
Jointer54HHWood Shop
Laser CuttersPrototype Lab
Lathe10EEMachine Shop
Leatherworking StationVariousThe Vault
MIG WelderMillermatic 210Welding Shop
Markforged 3D PrinterMark IIPrototype Lab
Metal Laser CutterTube and Sheet FL4500Machine Shop
Milling MachineBridgeportMachine Shop
Mug PressHPN-SIG-MUGThe Hub
Oscillating Spindle SanderG1071Wood Shop
PCB PrinterV-OnePCB Lab
Pedestal Grinder332BWelding Shop
Photo Table3D PhotoBench 260The Vault
Pick and PlaceProtoplace SPCB Lab
Planer209HH-3Wood Shop
Plasma CutterSpectrum 875Welding Shop
Power CarverSR - K5200 DeluxeWood Shop
Prusa 3D Printeri3 MK3 / i3 MK3SPrototype Lab
Reflow OvenProtoFlow S N2PCB Lab
Rework StationZT-2, ZT-3, ZT-1-CLS-DPU, Hakko FR-301, Quick861DWPCB Lab
Ring RollerR-M5Machine Shop
Rotary PunchTurret Punch No. 12Machine Shop
Router TablePM-P254Wood Shop
Scroll SawEX-21Wood Shop
SergerMyLock 634DThe Hub
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