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  |?Has ace.Has name=Ace
  |?Has ace.Has name=Ace
  |?Has ace.Has email=Email
  |?Has ace.Has email address=Email
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  [[Is equipment::true]]
  [[Is equipment::true]]
  |?Has ace=Ace
  |?Has ace.Has name=Ace
  |?Has ace_contact=Email
  |?Has ace.Has email address=Email

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The following is a list of aces for the facilities and equipment in the Maker Hub.

Computer Lab
Finishing RoomShane Case
Machine ShopTiana Ringer
Meeting Rooms
PCB LabMatthew Martin
Prototype LabEmily Hayes
The Hub
The VaultNeeded
Tool RoomJenny Duran
Welding ShopWyatt Bertis
Wood ShopNeeded
3D ScannersKlayton Rhoads
Bead RollerNeeded
Belt SanderNeeded
Belt/Disc SanderNeeded
Bending BrakeNathan Hayward
Blast CabinetLevi Gibson
CNC RouterLuke Roderick
Compound Miter SawNeeded
Dissolvable Support BathEllie Annah
Drill PressNeeded
Electronics WorkstationNick Scianna
F370 3D PrinterEllie Annah
Foam CutterNeeded
Formlabs 3D PrinterEllie Strauss
Hand BenderNeeded
Hand RouterNeeded
Handheld CNC RouterNeeded
Heat PressNeeded
Heavy Duty Sewing MachineGail Dowler
High Speed CameraNeeded
Horizontal BandsawNeeded
Hydraulic PressNathan Hayward
Injection Molding MachineNeeded
Jewelry StationNeeded
Laser CuttersZack cogswell
Leatherworking StationDane Ziegler
MIG WelderWyatt Bertis
Markforged 3D PrinterNathan Hayward
Metal Laser CutterNathan Jonson
Milling MachineScott Demaree
Mug PressNeeded
Oscillating Spindle SanderNeeded
PCB PrinterNick Scianna
Pedestal GrinderLevi Gibson
Photo TableKaitlyn Johnson
Pick and PlaceNick Scianna
Plasma CutterLevi Gibson
Power CarverNeeded
Prusa 3D PrinterEmily Hayes
Reflow OvenNick Scianna
Rework StationNick Scianna
Ring RollerLuke Roderick
Rotary PunchNeeded
Router TableNeeded
Scroll SawNeeded
SergerGail Dowler
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