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The following is a list of aces for the facilities and equipment in the Maker Hub.
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  [[Is facility::true]]

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The following is a list of aces for the facilities and equipment in the Maker Hub.

Computer Lab
Finishing RoomShane Case (scase16@georgefox.edu, ?)
Machine ShopTiana Ringer (tringer19@georgefox.edu, ?)
Meeting Rooms
PCB LabMatthew Martin (mmartin18@georgefox.edu, ?)
Prototype LabEmily Hayes (ehayes19@georgefox.edu, ?)
The Hub
The VaultNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Tool RoomJenny Duran (jduran19@georgefox.edu, ?)
Welding ShopWyatt Bertis (wbertis22@georgefox.edu, ?)
Wood ShopNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
3D ScannersKlayton Rhoads (krhoads16@georgefox.edu, ?)
Bead RollerNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Belt SanderNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Belt/Disc SanderNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Bending BrakeNathan Hayward (nhayward21@georgefox.edu, ?)
Blast CabinetLevi Gibson (lgibson19@georgefox.edu, ?)
BuffersNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
CNC RouterLuke Roderick (lroderick20@georgefox.edu, ?)
Compound Miter SawNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Dissolvable Support BathEllie Annah (estrauss21@georgefox.edu, ?)
Drill PressNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Electronics WorkstationNick Scianna (nscianna18@georgefox.edu, ?)
F370 3D PrinterEllie Annah (estrauss21@georgefox.edu, ?)
Foam CutterNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Formlabs 3D PrinterEllie Strauss (estrauss21@georgefox.edu, ?)
Hand BenderNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Hand RouterNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Handheld CNC RouterNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Heat PressNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Heavy Duty Sewing MachineGail Dowler (gdowler@georgefox.edu, ?)
High Speed CameraNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Horizontal BandsawNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Hydraulic PressNathan Hayward (nhayward21@georgefox.edu, ?)
Injection Molding MachineNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Jewelry StationNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
JointerNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Laser CuttersZack cogswell (zcogswell18@georgefox.edu, ?)
LatheNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Leatherworking StationDane Ziegler (dziegler22@georgefox.edu, ?)
MIG WelderWyatt Bertis (wbertis22@georgefox.edu, ?)
Markforged 3D PrinterNathan Hayward (NHayward21@georgefox.edu, ?)
Metal Laser CutterNathan Jonson (njonson19@georgefox.edu, ?)
Milling MachineScott Demaree (sdemaree20@georgefox.edu, ?)
Mug PressNeeded (gdowler@georgefox.edu, ?)
Oscillating Spindle SanderNeeded (gdowler@georgefox.edu, ?)
PCB PrinterNick Scianna (nscianna18@georgefox.edu, ?)
Pedestal GrinderLevi Gibson (lgibson19@georgefox.edu, ?)
Photo TableKaitlyn Johnson (kjohnson20@georgefox.edu, ?)
Pick and PlaceNick Scianna (nscianna18@georgefox.edu, ?)
PlanerNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Plasma CutterLevi Gibson (lgibson19@georgefox.edu, ?)
Power CarverNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Prusa 3D PrinterEmily Hayes (ehayes19@georgefox.edu, ?)
Reflow OvenNick Scianna (nscianna18@georgefox.edu, ?)
Rework StationNick Scianna (nscianna18@georgefox.edu, ?)
Ring RollerLuke Roderick (lroderick20@georgefox.edu, ?)
Rotary PunchNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
Router TableNeeded (gdowler@georgefox.edu, ?)
Scroll SawNeeded (Makerhub@georgefox.edu, ?)
SergerGail Dowler (gdowler@georgefox.edu, ?)
... further results