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|Is equipment=True
|Is located in facility=Welding Shop
|Is used in domain=
|Has icon=File:image_pending.png
|Has icondesc=Reflow Oven Icon
|Has image=File:Blast_Cab_Image.jpg
|Has imagedesc=Skat Blast Cabinet
|Has description=(???)
|Has certification=(???)
|Has make=Skat Blast
|Has model=SC40
|Has group=Circuit Board Design
[[{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Has icon|link=none}}|100px|left|top|{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Has icondesc}}]]
[[{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Has image|link=none}}|375px|thumb|upright=1.5|{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Has imagedesc}}]]
The ProtoFlow S N2 is LPKF's premiere convection oven, ideal for lead-free reflow soldering, meeting the stringent demands of rapid PCB soldering applications. The ProtoFlow S N2 features even heat distribution, easy programming, and many pre-defined temperature profiles. The compact design and efficient power consumption make it one of the most useful components in any rapid PCB prototyping environment. <ref>Description taken from [https://www.lpkfusa.com/products/pcb_prototyping/smt_assembling/protoflow_s/ LPKF].</ref>
== Documentation ==
* [https://www.lpkfusa.com/products/pcb_prototyping/smt_assembling/protoflow_s/ Product Home Page]
* [[Media:protoflow_datasheet.pdf|Datasheet]]
== Training ==
<br \>
<br \><br \><br \><br \><br \>

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